Research Outreach

Agrometrological Unit, is an integral part of the Research Support Service Department in National Root Crop Research Institute Umudike. This Unit was established in 1929 by John Black Smith who surveyed and established an observatory rendering service of rain station having only one rain-gauge.

Due to the importance and the synergy in climatic data (weather variables) and agricultural yield, practice as well as the sustainance of Root and Tuber Crop Programmes of the institute, the station presently has the state-of-the-art weather observatory equipment.
Some of the equipment include:-
Soil thermometers of 5cm, 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm and 100cm depth respectively.
Solar radiation integrator (Gunbelline).

  • Evaporation tank (Class – A – pan)
  • Campbell Stoke Sunshine Recorder (Sundiar).
  • Manual Rain-gauge.
  • Automated Rain-gauge.
  • Wind vane.
  • Cup counter Anemometer.
  • Cup counter Generator
  • Hobo automated Weather Station.
  • Stevenson Screen box (meteorological cabin) housing Bulb of wet thermometer, Dry thermometer, Pitch evaporometer, Bulb of minimum thermometer and Bulb of maximum thermometer.
  • Thermographs for atmospheric temperature.
  • Hydrographs for relative humidity.
  • Barographs for pressure.

In 1989, the station was made a synoptic station by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) with registration N0: 5031. The Unit has high level man power capable of carrying out all forms of applied meteorology statistical analyses and data capturing.

Unit Head