Biotechnology and Product Development Department handles Biotechnology Research and Development in the Institute.  The Department has Biotechnology Research Programme, Post Harvest Technology and Seed Technology Programme that are headed by Assistant Directors.

The laboratories in the Division include: Molecular Biology Laboratory, Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory and Trait Profiling Laboratory. These laboratories have well trained technical personnel and modern state of the art equipment that are necessary for effective research activities in genetic modification, molecular breeding, in-vitro conservation, moleculardiagnostics, fermentation, seed cleaning and bio- informatics.

The Department also houses the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPTTO) of National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike.  


  1. Generation of clean planting materials (cassava, yam, ginger and sweet potato) for Nigerian farmers.
  2. Creation of platforms for international exchange of germ- plasm of roots and tubers.
  3. Development and establishment of in- vitro protocols for root and tuber crops of economic importance in Nigeria.
  4. Cassava genomic studies.
  5. Rapid multiplication of Breeders and Foundation seeds.
  6. Development of value added products from root and tubers.
  7. Fabrication of simple food processing equipments.