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National Root Crops Research Institute Umudike, started on 1st January, 1923 on a 20 hectare land, as a British Colonial Provincial Research Farm, under the Nigeria Colonial Department of Agriculture with headquarters at Moor Plantation Ibadan. Following Nigerian regionalization in 1955, it came under the Eastern Region Ministry of Agriculture that was supervised by the Director of Agriculture at Enugu. In the same year, the School of Agriculture was establishment at the same location. This complex became known as the Eastern Nigeria Agricultural Research Station in 1956.


The national mandate of NRCRI is to research into the genetic improvement, production, processing, storage utilization and socio-economies of root and tuber crops of economic importance.


To provide the necessary environment for the production, processing and marketing of value-added products of root and tuber crops towards National food security, income generation, gainful employment and rapid industrial development.


The Institute in collaboration with IITA, Ibadan, has substantially contributed to the National Food Security and sufficiency through research and extension activities on root and tuber crops

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Million MT of Cassava produced in Nigeria aided by NRCRI
1 +
MT Garri Contributed by NRCRI to SFR Programme
New Hybrid Yam Varieties Released by NRCRI
Metric tonnes Irish Potato produced in 2012


Nrcri_umudike4 days ago
Shout out to all the indomitable rural women who play amazing roles toward ensuring food security in Nigeria.
Congratulations to you all on this great stride.
Do not rest on your oars and keep soaring !!
You are simply awesome !!!

Nrcri_umudike4 weeks ago
It was a fulfilling day for local Farmers as they played huge role with the cassava varieties rebranding.
The process of choosing the names were based on their perspective of the varieties alongside the seed producers and processors says Prof Chiedozie Egesi.

TMS-070593 now known as “SUNSHINE” – Biofortified Variety.
TMS-980581 now known as “DIXON”
TMS-980505 now known as “Fine Face”
TMS-961632 now known as “FARMER’S PRIDE”
CR36-5 now known as “AYAYA”

#CassavaBASICS #CassavaSeed #Cassava

Routine exercise by the Head of #Tissue Culture Unit, Dr Ihuoma Okwuonu and her team at the #Genetic Transformation laboratory, Biotechnology Programme, NRCRI Umudike.
@sahelconsulting @cegesi @IITA_CGIAR @sahelconsulting @CassavaPlus @gatesfoundation @FmardNg @DanforthCenter


#Poverty is not entirely an economic issue, but rather a multidimensional phenomenon that disrobes a man of his self-worth and dignity.
Let us work together toward the reduction of poverty.
#endpoverty #Thinkagriculture
@FmardNg @CGIAR

On this #WorldFoodDay, we applaud the efforts of our Food Heroes, our resilient farmers who work assiduously to ensure that we have good food on our tables!
We celebrate you all!!.
@gatesfoundation @umudike_seeds @iitagoseedltd @NASC_NG


Shout out to all the indomitable #rural women who play amazing roles toward ensuring #foodsecurity in Nigeria.
Congratulations to you all on this great stride.
Do not rest on your oars and keep soaring!
You are simply awesome



Meet your #cassava varieties.

Yellow garri #producers, we have a variety for you that does not need the addition of palm oil to be yellowish. Meet #Sunshine formerly known as TMS 070593. It's a biofortied provitamin A variety with yellow roots.

Garri producers, this is for you.

Join us at this year’s Nutritious Food Alliance hosted by the Government of Akwa Ibom State from the 18th - 20th November 2020 at Ibom Hall, Uyo/Zoom. This year’s food fair is themed “Nutrition cannot be locked down”.

Attendance is Free!!! #nutritiousfoodfair

Great news for BASICS-II VSEs as Dr. Ishiak Khalid, the Team lead for @NASC and his team comprising, Osho Lagunju Bankole and Umoh Imabong visited @nrcri_umudike today.
@CassavaMatters @iitagoseedltd @sahelconsulting @umudike_seeds @cegesi

#CassavaBASICS #CassavaSeed #Cassava


...@umudike_seeds and @CatholicRelief

#cassava #qualityseed #agriculture #foodsecurity
@FmardNg @l_lava @seedtracker @SeedPortalNg @nrcri_umudike @sahelconsulting @gatesfoundation @bpsr_ng @easylateef @jamesplegg


This is to wish our Management, Staff and Partners a Happy Independence Day Celebration.

Remember! #Agriculture is the way forward towards eradicating hidden hunger.

@sahelconsulting @IITA_CGIAR @NextGenCassava @NASC_NG
@FmardNg @OFABnigeria @gatesfoundation

#Farmers played huge role with the brand names.

TMS-070593 now known as “SUNSHINE” – Biofortified Variety.
TMS-980581 now “DIXON”
TMS-980505 now “Fine Face”
TMS-961632 now “FARMER’S PRIDE”
CR36-5 now “AYAYA”
@CassavaMatters @umudike_seeds
#CassavaBASICS #CassavaSeed #Cassava


"The process of choosing the names included #Farmers farmers, seed producers, processors, etc", @cegesi says. "Farmers chose the names according to how they felt about them" - @iitagoseedltd 2

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