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National Root Crops Research Institute Umudike, started on 1st January, 1923 on a 20 hectare land, as a British Colonial Provincial Research Farm, under the Nigeria Colonial Department of Agriculture with headquarters at Moor Plantation Ibadan. Following Nigerian regionalization in 1955, it came under the Eastern Region Ministry of Agriculture that was supervised by the Director of Agriculture at Enugu. In the same year, the School of Agriculture was establishment at the same location. This complex became known as the Eastern Nigeria Agricultural Research Station in 1956.


The national mandate of NRCRI is to research into the genetic improvement, production, processing, storage utilization and socio-economies of root and tuber crops of economic importance.


To provide the necessary environment for the production, processing and marketing of value-added products of root and tuber crops towards National food security, income generation, gainful employment and rapid industrial development.


The Institute in collaboration with IITA, Ibadan, has substantially contributed to the National Food Security and sufficiency through research and extension activities on root and tuber crops

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Million MT of Cassava produced in Nigeria aided by NRCRI
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MT Garri Contributed by NRCRI to SFR Programme
New Hybrid Yam Varieties Released by NRCRI
Metric tonnes Irish Potato produced in 2012


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Highlight of today's training on Commercial Seed Entrepreneurship (CSE) and Good Agricultural Practices for Cassava.

■ Dr Moses Okwusi gave insights on the "Safe use and Application of Herbicides"

■ Dr Mark Tokula talked about "The Business of Cassava Seeds"

■ Dr Godwin Atser made a detailed presentation on the 6 steps to Weed Management in Cassava.

■ Dr Helen Anyaegbunam spoke on the "Essentials of Financial Record keeping"

■ Dr Christian Nwadili drew the attention of the participants on the various ways of identifying Pests and Diseases in cassava and also manage them.

■ Mr Ukwa Kalu spoke on Quality seeds and ways to identify them.

■ Mrs Hannah Anighoro took the participants through creating their action plans (writing their goals down) for the next planting season.


Thank you @cegesi, Program Lead, @NextGenCassava for the admirable knowledge and information shared during your presentation on "New Cassava Varieties, Product Profiling, and Implications for the Cassava Industry"
@IITA_CGIAR @iitagoseedltd @NASC_NG @CassavaMatters @nrcri_umudike

Prof. Chiedozie Egesi: @IITA_CGIAR & @nrcri_umudike released 5 cassava varieties in #Nigeria in 2020... These varieties are high yielding, possess stable dry matter, and are excellent for flour & starch production...

The research institutes (IITA and NCRI) released 5 cassava varieties in Nigeria (2020) which represent ​3 cassava product profiles and serves as the first products in Africa. - Prof. @cegesi of @NextGenCassava and @nrcri_umudike.

We are delighted that this summit is holding to mobilize capital and Human resources to ensure timely adequate and profitable interventions in the #Cassava Value Chain- Joseph Onyeka of @nrcri_umudike.

@ofab @CassavaPlus @SmcAfri @sahelconsulting @NASC_NG @FmardNg @BiosafetyNig @OWSD_Umudike @medadotorg @IITA_CGIAR

Genome Editing can -

■ Increase the micronutrients i.e Iron and Zinc in Cassava.
■Reduce the effects of Pests and Diseases in Cassava.
■Remove the bottlenecks experienced with Conventional Breeding Cycle says Dr Okwuonu


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May this Special Day bring blessings and good fortune to you all.
Happy Easter!
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