Nigerian Start-Up gets $120,000

Since 1960, agriculture has served as the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, and yet there still remains endless opportunities for growth in agricultural value chains. Releaf is driving this growth by fostering trust among businesses in the Nigerian agricultural sector.

Ikenna Nzewi, Uzoma Ayogu, and Isaiah Udotong, the founders of Releaf, a Nigerian Agribusiness startup, have secured a $120,000 investment from YCombinator, the world’s most prestigious early startup investor, to scale its Agribusiness solution in Nigeria. Photo Credit-Releaf
Launched by Nigerian Americans that have attended the likes of Yale, Duke, and MIT, Releaf connects Nigerian agribusinesses to customers they can trust.

The three founders Ikenna Nzewi, Uzoma Ayogu, and Isaiah Udotong are all Nigerian-Americans, with Engineering and Computer Science backgrounds. Prior to launching the company, the founders worked at Bain, Microsoft, and Facebook,

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