The Computer Services Unit is the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) unit in the Research Support Services of the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI), Umudike. Its duty is to give quality service with new technology in computing. It ensures the integrity of data, improving client service delivery and is geared towards a bright technological improvement.
Our Vision is to be the preferred and unbeatable ICT/training unit providing solution and unlimited services to our scientists and clients.
The mission of this unit is to deliver effective, efficient and timely ICT services to our scientists, support staff, students and others, making use of the modern technologies to realize the Institutes mandate.
The objectives of the unit among others include:

  • Designing and handling the Institute’s ICT know-how vis-à-vis computers, its softwares and Internet facilities.
  • Training of staff members and non staff on computer applications, training of pupils (IT students and Corps members) in the use of the Internet, E-mail, WWW and office softwares facilities helping them to become independent users of ICT.
  • It is also geared towards maximizing the staff and student’s productivity, enhance teaching, learning and improve quality of research output through ICT.
  • It works towards the development, deployment and support innovative, quality and sustainable ICT solutions and services that meet the changing learning, research and management needs of the Institute and the developing society at large.
  • Providing the necessary hardware and software needed to make its dreams achievable.
  • Controls the Institute’s Website and Computer network, analysis of scientific data, maintenance and repairs of internet/ICT facilities.
  • Prompt checking of Computers and its accessories in different units to determine their functionality.


  • • To make the scientists, students and others comfortable with the use of computer as a resource for research activities and project work.
  • To provide adequate and necessary gateway to the ICT facilities for all.
  • To ensure that the computer training given to the scientists and students is relevant to their needs and that of their changing environment.
  • To enable researchers to use certain software packages
  • Redesigning of Institute’s website 
  • Training of scientists on data analysis packages.
  • Installation of wireless internet network to staff to enable them hook up online.
  • Maintenance of Institute’s computers and accessories.


  • Training of IT students, Corps Members, Pupils and others on different ICT packages.
  • Training of scientists and support Staff on computer applications and data analysis packages.
  • Creation of web page for ICT unit of the Institute.
  • Prompt connection of wireless internet networks for Staff to hook up online.
  • Maintenance of Institute’s computers and accessories


  • We aspire to be among others, the most valuable cyber café body in the whole of this vicinity.
  • It is our desire to improve in our services pending the availability/provision of funds for more systems and Internet tools.
  • To enlarge our scope in the area of training of pupils, making this unit Jamb and NOUN centre for online registration.
  • Liaise with schools to train their wards in the use of Computer Applications and Software maintenance having in mind that knowledge in Computer is the leading factor now.
  • Training our Staff on Computer Applications.


Head of Unit