Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department of NRCRI, Umudike is one of the five technical departments of the Institute.  The department is made up of three technical units which include:-

  • Research Planning
  • Projects Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Manpower Development and Training.

Research Planning: The research planning unit is responsible for research planning and formulation in liaison with the other four technical divisions in the institute.  The unit organizes an annual research review workshop where researchers and other stakeholders meet to review the previous year’s research and identify production, storage, processing, utilization, marketing and other problems affecting root and tuber crops in Nigeria.  Problems identified form the basis for new research proposals.

Projects Monitoring and Evaluation: The Unit monitors the implementation of research projects from planning to completion.   The essence is to ensure that the projects are implemented according to planned objectives and financial Budgets.  Completed projects are evaluated at the end to determine the impact or effectiveness of the projects.

Manpower Development and Training: This unit determines the staff need of the institute by conducting annual skill gap analysis in all divisions of the institute.  The skill gap analysis provides information on staff recruitment and training needs of the institute.  Based on the information provided, the institute approves the following training for staff to fill in any missing gap.   Such approvals could be:-

1. Degree Courses

  • BA or B.Sc in fields/areas of need
  • BSc or M.Phil
  • Ph.D

Nominated staff are sponsored and sent to various Universities to study.

2. Short Courses: These are non-degree courses which last from a few weeks to one year.  Staff are nominated on the basis of need and to fill in certain missing gaps.  Trainings may be organized internally drawing resource persons from Nigerian Universities and other organizations.  Individuals may also be sponsored for training within and outside the country

 3. Industrial Training for Students: Students from Nigerian Universities are sent to the unit for 3-12 months attachments for practical training in agriculture.  The students are deployed to relevant programmes of the institute for practical training. 

4. National Youth Service Corps: About 21-30 youth corpers are sent to the Division annually for their National Service.  During this period, these corpers who are graduates of Universities, polytechnics and Colleges of Agriculture, are deployed to work in relevant programmes, sections or Units of the Institute.

The Department also prepares the Annual Capital Budget for the Institute.

Organizes the Internal Institute Seminars and Co-ordinates Research Activities among the Institute Research Programmes. 

Notable Achievements

  1. 2013 Annual Research Review and Planning Workshop 13th -16th April 2014
  2. 2014 Programme of Work
  3. 2012 Annual Report, Produced and distributed
  4. Monitoring of field research projects
  5. 337 corps members passed out after successfully completing their National Youth Service Programme in NRCRI, Umudike from 2001 till Date (2014)
  6. Over 400 students from various universities are presently on Industrial Attachment in NRCRI, Umudike.
  7. Budget preparation and defence.

Director, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Department