Cassava peels as feed

Farmers are striving hard in this time of recession to strike a balance between providing adequate feed for their birds or just feed anything and reduce the quality and quantity of eggs. The price of maize is the driver of this feed crisis in the poultry sector as the astronomical increase has made the feed unreachable for many farmers and those that are even willing to buy are finding it difficult to purchase because of scarcity. The problem for the farmers are double edged, not only are they contending with high prices they also must produce good quality eggs or they fall out with their customers.

Farmers have resorted to different practices to break even, some are selling their birds off to reduce the cost of feed, and others are selling off stock and waiting for a change in the terrain before they start over while those farmers that reduced stock are giving different feed stuff just to keep birds alive.

Farmers that are experimenting with various feed have reduced egg volume, thus reducing the expected profit. There are various alternatives to feed chicken, but these must be balanced otherwise the goal will not be achieved. The added cost of product has impacted negatively on the price of eggs and availability. The various alternatives vary from country to country, but the best adaptable alternatives will be those tested and documented.
Cassava has been tested and proven to be a viable feed for livestock without any side effects but rather boosting productivity.

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